Thank goodness 2008 is almost over

Where to begin? I don't know how much more horrible this year could get, and I don't want to jinx it and find out. But now seems like the time you're supposed to sit down and contemplate the last year of one's life, but as I do so I find myself very depressed.

-Made a reckless decision at a new years eve party
-got fired for first time
-didn't get into juilliard
-dated/broke up with Mike
-blew off my BA and almost didn't graduate
-went back to work at the reg :(
-job search of hell/unemployment
-dated/broke up with noah
-Gina died
-dad fight
-roomate badness and now i need to find a new place to live

-met a pirate
-took a break and enjoyed final two quarters of college (scav, dance marathon, etc.)
-enchanted princess birthday party
-swing dancing all summer!
-5b graduation/First professional show
-Dad present/breakfast
-Jackie's and Meara's moms!
-Shopping of doom
-First real interview!

So it's here and there... I'm just praying that next year's pros win.

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