My Knees Hurt

I just had a super long day. The name of the game is drama. But it's over and I went to the gym and life is happy and sparkly again.

I realized today how much I miss working in the library all day!! I get to shelve books, listen to all my favorite music, and catch up on my thinking. It's strange how spending time not talking helps me remember who I am. But I guess it's easy to forget yourself when you blabber as much as I do.

I haven't been singing as much lately. This is not wonderful. It's probably just a time thing but I haven't really sang in a while. I have, however, been wearing lots of bright dresses this week which is a good happy thing. I've also been dancing a lot in the library which may be the cause of my unhappy knees.

Tomorrow, Rachael and I are going to Wicker Park so I can show her my new digs. We're going to see if we can find a non-starbucks coffee shop that serves good tea. This will be imperative for winter time. Maybe we'll try out one of the 4 ice cream shops as well. Oh and I have to show her the knitting store!! I know I personally don't have the patience to knit but I love watching other people knit. And I like re-rolling the skeins of yarn into balls.

Time for bed. Night!

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