Ok, Time to get Started!

First real post on my all new blog!?!?! Did you all miss me?? I bet you did. Well since I'm back working at the library I have tons of down time to post on this thing. Here's an update on my life lately:

~It's Senior Week!: I'm boycotting all senior week activities in order to hang out with one of my best friends of all time who is in town visiting for Alumni Weekend/Janice's Miraculous Graduation, namely the one and only Rachael Medina.

Highlights from her visit thus far:
-We cooked Pizza in an oven
-We dressed up and saw Sex and the City
-We drank a lot of Merlot with other friends and annoyed the entirety of BJ
-We had a sleepover in the Library cuz it's open all night and air conditioned
-We are still attempting to watch all of "Trapped in the Closet" (it's kind of amazing but there's 15 million parts)

In other news:
I almost didn't graduate, AGAIN! My sosc professor and the history dept. failed to submit some of my grades by the deadline. But it's all worked out now thank goodness. Now I just need to pay my library fine and go to some meeting about loans and I am home free! Fun times!

Ok, so to work on this whole accountability thing, here are my goals for this week:
~Send out graduation announcements
~e-mail my new apt people about move in dates
~pack and move my shit out of BJ for the last freakin' time
~pick up graduation tickets
~Finish updating my resume and go back to CAPS

I feel like that's enough to get me started. I'm in a very bulleting mood today. It's strange. Anywho, I should get back to work!

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