"And nothing really even happened."

This morning was good. I was staring at snowflakes while waiting for the train today. They seem too perfect to be so very transient. I haven't really looked at a snowflake all winter, but today I had a "little kid" morning and i stared at snowflakes and listened to disney music, and imagined taking a carpet ride across the chicago skyline, and swimming in the river, and dancing on top a building. It was a sweet side of the bed to wake up on. Then I did well at work despite myself and am still, sadly, not fired. But here's hoping for Friday! :P I should get in bed. I haven't been sleeping enough... When I know i have to get up on time in the morning I tend to wake up hours in advance, and then only manage to half fall back asleep. Thus the dark circles, despite the fact that I feel moderately well rested.

I think I'm approaching a fork. It's kinda exciting. Like my life is about to completely change and I'm not going to know what hit me. I feel it in the air. Now all I have to do is figure out my happy little thought so I can fly into it! night.

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